Despite its horrifying subject matter, The Will to Live is like a poem. And it is testimony to an overwhelming positive force in humanity, even in the face of adversity, torture, hate and destruction. It serves as a reminder and an eye opener to those of us fortunate enough to have been spared torture, apartheid and genocide that love, forgivenes and reconciliation can conquer even the most brutal abuse and destruction. The Will to Live deserves a wide audience.

Morten Kjærum
Director of the Danish Center for Human Rights

As President Emeritus of OSCE and Chairperson of P.D. Burma and as the Commissioner for Democratic Development and Human Rights for eleven countries around the Baltic Sea, I daily encounter instances of cruel violation of these rights. The documentary film The Will to Live is a powerful reminder of how crucial it is to support the rights and dignity of the individual. It serves as a testimony to the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation, both of which are fundamental to the love of one’s fellow man. The Will to Live is deeply original and is told straight from the heart.

Helle Degn
Commissioner of the Baltic Council