THE WILL TO LIVE, a film by Anne Gyrithe Bonne.

A personal account of our relationship with the concepts of Love, Hate and Reconciliation.

Shot during the fateful six months between September 11 2001, and March 11 2002, the film is an examination of the possibilities of reconciliation. During these six months I traveled widely in South Africa, Honduras and the USA, and everywhere I went I found myself surrounded by people who knew about suffering.

I met and filmed a wide range of people, including jailed convicts, the poor of townships, orphaned children in waste dumps as well as human rights activists. And all of them provided me with an insight into the long and hard road to reconciliation in the world.

THE WILL TO LIVE is produced by Bonne Filmproductions in collaboration with The Danish Ministry of Education, The Queen Margarette and Prince Henrik Foundation, Amnesty International. The Politiken Foundation, The L.F. Fogt Foundation, The Danish Metal workers Union and The CopyDan Funds.